De 33/6

Binnen het waanzinnig accurate astro-nummerologische life-destiny systeem van Dan Millman komt mijn geboortedatum uit op het menstype behorende bij de z.g.n. ’33/6′.
Op zijn website ‘peacefull warrior’ (google zijn naam + ‘life-destiny system’) kan je een hele leuke app aankopen, waar je, gebaseerd op invoer van je eigen geboortedatum ongelooflijk veel over jezelf kan vinden en leren. (Een absolute aanrader, een poel van kennis over jezelf)
Tijdens mijn life-coach periode heb ik veel mensen met dit onderliggende systeem als fundament mogen begeleiden, gebaseerd op mijn geloof in het feit dat ons aller levensbestemming van bovenaf wordt ingegoten door het goddelijke wiel wat het hele leven aandrijft, aangestuurd door de magisch-magnetische krachten van de planeten, en de kracht welke deze planeten weer aanstuurt.
Bij het hoofdstuk ‘talent & work’ komt daar in mijn geval het volgende uit:

Unless they allow self-doubt to stop them, (how recognizable fought against that for a lifetime) the high standards of 33/6’s make them naturally prone to succes, because they do very good work (even though they don’t always feel that way). They have a deep emotional sensitivity, whether or not they show it, and a mind that focuses and directs a profound intuitive intelligence.

The desire of 33/6’s for precision, along with their expressive and intuitive abilities, can shine through many different occupations, such as teaching, training, or creative design and illustration. 33/6’s study their craft deeply, they are consumnate professionals.

Many 33/6’s make excellent, prolific writers, they excel at anything having to do with communication, feelings and expressions. They tend to offer that extra touch and to work conscientiously toward high standards.
When they come to know and appreciate themselves – and to express their true emotions – they also express their joy for life. (Oh yeah baby! ;-)

Surrounded by a bright energy field reflecting purity and clarity, these sensitive individuals have an attractive energy and enthusiastic way of helping others to see their own perfection and the positive side of every issue. They see the inherent perfection of others, and they have come to accept themselves; critical self-evaluation has changed to self-valuation. They always have a kind word or good thing to say about others. Their laser eyesight can spot the beauty in anyone or anything;
They see the higher beings we are all becoming.
With their high standards and sense of fairness, they work for justice, right, wisdom and thruth in constructive ways.

Note from Paulie;

It took me a lifetime to get there, it was a very, very long way, going through the deepest valley’s and pains imaginable. But now I’m there, I’m so happy to bring this with all the love in my heart to you, in the biggest wish and desire, you may open your heart and your life destiny, and bring the best of your being to others aswell. It’s exactly that, what I’m going for, explaining the bigger plan, god had in mind for me, all my life, under all my struggles. ;-)